Thursday, September 17, 2020

Elevating your consciousness- What a spiritual guru could do

Ever thought that whenever you feel down or low in life, you reach out for someone close- a parent, sibling or a friend in most cases. And when you vent out your feelings to them somehow you feel lighter and liberated. Somehow the pain lessens. I was pondering about it quiet deeply and some answers came my way. I would really like to share what I discovered.

We are not only made of bone and flesh, that's only our physical aspect. On deeper levels we are energy!

When we interact with someone who is in higher conscious state than ours, then a significant process is happening in the energy realms. We are slowly rising higher and thus feel liberated from the pain and suffering we felt earlier- before the onset of the interaction.

Seemingly at that point of time, we are at our lower energy states and our brain is quiet expert that it chooses the right person to talk to as per the destination energy requirements! 

Unconsciously, yet we do this. If energy levels were to be put on a scale to 1-10 ( 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest), then if we feel like a 4 sometimes, we will go and talk to >5 in order to feel good again.

But some people have gone a step ahead . They have evolved themselves by mitigating the need to have inter-dependence on fellow human beings. They harness the energy by meditating where they interact not with a 5-6 but with the universe or the supreme consciousness which is indeed a +10. So this is why meditation feels so awesome. 

And it is quiet difficult for average humans to reach and interact at such high levels due to our egos and bundle of other vices. They require a medium, a mediator in their meditation. This facilitator helps individuals to slowly transcend its consciousness and reach a point where there is no need of further outer support or stimulus. These medium are some elevated souls called Gurus who are spiritually evolved species whose consciousness is quiet high than the average mean population. 

A spiritual guru can act as a catalyst and increase the pace of the process. This is quiet risky and spiritual gurus seldom go to such extremes. Why? Because A premature hatch yields weak offspring! They are wise enough not to do so. That is why a guru arrives in your life only when one is ready to seek his guidance.

 It is not always necessary that a guru will have a physical form. He/she may bestow blessings via books written in past or exist in metaphysical realms guiding you through lucid dreaming.

Have you found a guru yet? If not that means you need to keep patience and become worthy of one.

Everybody wants to be elevated and one day we all will. But till then we need to train our senses and become ready to receive the grace of a spiritual guru!👼

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Healing Hands - Power to give unconditionally

Its quiet amusing when life slowly unfolds itself . Just as a dormant seed blossoms to be a sapling and then a sturdy tree, life happens when we allow it. It's an omnipresent phenomenon. 

The reason we see it rarely happening or happening with delays is because of our actions to suppress and do anything in our capabilities to  not let it happen. Although it is mostly unintentional yet this hampers our growth as a being.

The great French philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin has rightly said-

"We are not human beings having spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience".

Why we hamper our growth if we are spiritual beings. Do we not long for the eternal peace and happiness? Why are we stuck in this vicious cycle of playing the victim card?

If I tell you there's a way to escape this rat race, would you believe me?

Let me tell you it is as easy as clicking ESC on the keyboard.

But before it works that way, you need to give yourself up completely in the process. You need to surrender to a cause greater than yourself.

I was hearing to an audio by Earl Nightingale who has very profoundly explained the laws of success in his record breaking radio voice over "The Strangest Secret".

I was bewitched by the man's service to the human kind which was not restricted to his country but expanded all over the globe. A service of such great value that is even serving the present generations. It is just continuously flowing as an elixir of success  even in this modern times.

So what's the strangest secret?  Please do watch the video in entirety and then come back here....

There is one more hidden secret that I happened to read between the lines. 

When being of service to the masses one must think about others beforehand. One must not restrict some new found knowledge or idea to oneself. Restricting ideas makes you a mean one, overpowered by the veil of high ego states.

Do you think Earl Nightingale would have been so famous and showered with abundance if he would have kept this knowledge/insight locked inside his own head?

I think the opposite would have happened. Once envy. jealousy, malice and pride would have taken over his consciousness, he would have doomed!

But he rose triumphant breaking every barrier created ever by the sinful thoughts. And thus contributed so profoundly to the human race. He made an imprint so deep that it will last for centuries and keep motivating and guiding human kind to its higher potentials.

So be a giver. Yeah! You heard it right. Be an unconditional giver and abundance will flow in. Abundance not only in terms of money but abundance in totality. The hands of an unconditional giver becomes healing hands and as sacred as a god idol....


Donate something of value to a stranger  OR

Open door for an elderly OR

Give someone your seat without them asking OR

Give a hand to your mother in household chores OR

Smile to strangers OR

Feed strays and street animals ..the list never ends...

Be creative and keep experimenting. Do comment and tell me what are your methods of being an unconditional giver....😇😇😇😇😇😇

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Love that never withers

"Pushpa..Pushpa, screamed Mrs Bharadwaj on seeing her vase filled with dead roses again. It was third time in a row now. "How many times I had to tell her that withered flowers are no good, sighed Mrs Bharadwaj fixing her bifocal spectacles right above her pointed nose. Her skin had began showing evidence of gradual aging as several wrinkles appeared on sides of eyes and lips when she frowned.  She raised her head slowly and summoned her maid to get rid of these ugly roses. 
It was very unlikely of Mrs Bharadwaj to throw such tantrums. Pushpa knew something was bothering her. So without an ounce of protest she nodded and did as she say. She had been with the old lady for decades, so knew her in and out. 
Mrs Bharadwaj began looking outside the window. She was quiet relieved that she had a view like that to cheer her up when she lost her ways. The sight of the still lake calmed her and she went into meditating states.

Her phone began to ring after an hour of meditation passed by. And she came back from her meditative states to reality. It was her only son Ravish calling.  He had been avoiding her for past few weeks.Whenever she brought the question of his homecoming this Diwali, he seemed to completely ignore and change the topic. And for past two weeks avoiding to have a talk with her. 
This bothered her a lot and she kept calling him now and then. He would simply cut the call feigning to be working and busy. 

She somehow understood all the lies her son told. No different from his childhood fake stories ,she would think. 

With few minutes of trying to act cool and pretending composure,she finally gave in to her bottling emotions and answered the phone with a frail voice. 

"Kya Maa, aap bhi. How many times have I told you not to call again and again when I don't answer the phone the first time. Main clients ke sath hota hun. It's quiet disturbing maa", his first salutations to her mother after two weeks of conscious ignorance. 

And before she could say anything. He barged in and began again " And hum nahi aa paenge this Diwali. Mere promotion ko celebrate karne ke liye party throw kar rahe hain office wale. Anuradha,muje aur bacho ko attend karna zaruri hai". 

Mrs Bharadwaj had no idea about his promotion. She felt like an outsider. She did not exist as a family member in his son's story. She was shattered.

But maa,maa hoti hai. She blessed her son for his endeavours and asked him to eat well. 
 The humiliation did not end here. Ravish had more arrows in his bow to launch at her. 
"I would have called you here but sab itna jaldi jaldi me hua ki ab last moment flights ke price have sky rocketed. And waise bhi aap itna travel kya karoge, thak jaoge . Aapki age ho gai hai aap aaram karo. I will send you videos and photos later, he said in a guiltless tone. 
Tears were flowing down through Mrs Bharadwaj' s eyes. All her efforts of not letting her turn emotional turned futile. 

She went to fetch some water from the kitchen. Not to quench her thirst but to slide the pain down her throat. 

She leaped towards the sink to put the empty tumbler and she saw withered red roses dumped in the dustbin near the sink. 

She reached an epiphany. She felt pity for those disposed withered roses. On many levels she was like those withered dumped flowers. The resonance between the two life conditions were uncanny.They both were thrown away without an ounce of consideration just because they were old and frail."We people have such a shallow understanding of beauty", she muttered to herself. She wasn't saint herself. And she knew that.

 But she was not a person to just give up without giving a good fight. She picked herself up and wiped her tears. She called Pushpa in a soft gentle tone. She instructed her to bring all the withered,old and fallen flowers from the lake side. 
Pushpa had no idea what has gone into her madam today. Two contrasting instructions in a single day was confusing her like anything. But still she understood that madam was in a better state of mind this time than the previous encounter.

Few hours later she was back with bags full of fallen leaves and flowers. Mrs Bharadwaj asked her to do one more for today and call it a day. She asked Pushpa to fetch her canvas and stationary from the basement.

Soon Mrs Bharadwaj was cleaning the thick layers of dust from her equipments and started designing on the canvas by spreading and sticking the wilted flowers around it. In a fraction of seconds the painting came to life and the image of lord Ganesha emerged triumphant from the zig-zag arrangement of flowers.

In morning when Pushpa visited the house,she was enchanted with the beauty of the picturesque and jumped with joy just by catching glimpse of it. She was Mrs Bharadwaj's first customer. And it did not end there. Mrs Bharadwaj's painting streak ended with not one two or three paintings but she made sure everyone in the town had one.

It was time for her redemption now. She crafted a painting for her son now. She carefully sent it to his Mumbai's address.
Ravish was leaving for office when the parcel came by. He was puzzled as he did not order anything as far as he remembered. He asked about the parcel in the family but no body had a hint. He decided to open the parcel in the porch itself. He discovered it was a canvass with two figurines- a mother handfeeding her son food. Along with it came a note that said " Beta khana time pe khana". 

The fragrance of the wilted yet ever smelling good- shiuli flowers sent him back to his childhood days. His mother used to put them in her gajra everyday. He rushed inside his house and began crying. He picked up the phone,dialled his mother's number and said sobbingly " Khila na maa apne hath se".

She smiled from the other end of the phone and said "Beta darwaza to khol, main kabse bahar khadi hun". 

He thought she was joking. He hadn't sent her any flight tickets yet. But Mrs Bharadwaj was now a self-reliant mother and she managed the tickets on her own this time.

The door bell rang and there she was. His eyes were watery and he hugged her like a baby as he always have been for her. 

Monday, August 24, 2020

Overtaking the Power in your own Hands

We all have this huge urge to compete with people around us. I guess it's the basic instinct we are born with because when we were cave men we lived by "Survival of the fittest". But that's history. Isn't it? We should have come past this now as ages have passed down the streets Alas! here we are facing the present advanced ages still as cave men but only difference is of being dressed in suits. Just as a small example of this, when we see someone ahead of us while driving, our first reaction is to overtake. Even though our speedometers are way above the allowed limits, we still pace to match up and eventually try to surpass the one riding in front of us. And as you know as per laws of motion in order to overtake you need to have more speed than the other one. And amid all this chaos, we forget a very crucial parameter of speed and that is none other but "Time". We nullify the significance of time by not respecting the fact that the person who is riding in front of us may have started the journey earlier than us. We totally ignore that even though we are running the same race, the racetracks may not be the same. Even the starting points may differ for some or competing categories may differ.
The question is why we are so restless if somebody is ahead of us? Why we are ready to stake our life for that matter? Speeding may cause accidents which then reverses us back by many yards in the journey and serious ones could press the pause/stop button for once and for all.

 The answer is simple yet untappable with an overtaking attitude. Our eyes are more often fixated outwards so one tends to look, watch what is happening in the outside world and more precisely it is fixated on what others are doing! We look for details, we pass judgements, we criticize - not ourselves but others. Only if we diverted our attention to the inner apparatus that is responsible for vision. And science has made us aware that it’s the brain which is responsible for our vision. Eyes are just the means of doing it. So, when we fix our focus inwards- on our brain and its functional unit called mind, only then we are truly living as an advanced human being. Because now the focus is inwards and now the eyes must look for details, correct, criticize, advise the real source of inception. We need to admit why we are lagging in the first place instead of foolishly pacing up. We need to respect the time factor. We need to give due acknowledgement to our so-called competitors who have been guiding us throughout the path as we can readily learn from their mistakes and pitfalls. We need to have an attitude of gratitude for them for being our companions in this long and at times tiring journey.­ Only when we move in life with such an attitude our existence is justified, otherwise it’s just a series of events driven by sole physiological desires. We all desire much more than that from life. So, don’t delay your evolutionary process anymore and take the first step by being conscious about these fine faults in us. This journey from the gross to fineness is our true journey and we must start now irrespective of what others are doing. No need to pace up or overtake, just enjoy the process and life will be a beautiful series of events rather than a coincidence. Make things happen and not wish for them to happen!

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Whatever branches may grow?

A faulty seed planted with false perceptions can deeply root in even most civilized “civilizations”. This seed grows up to be a giant tree with diverse branches and these branches laden with false perceptions keeps on its life processes such as growing, withering and re growing. Is there any end to it? How can one diagnose the initial point of actual problem which is not in these succulent branches but in the roots? But why we always go for branches first? Why we assume that cutting down these branches is successful in bringing such trees down? See when we go for the branches, the problem can never be fully solved and we may be running a rat race on and on, never to reach a conclusion. So, it is quite necessary for us to know that problems should be tackled from roots. And this further complicates the whole scenario as when we finally find where the roots are, uprooting a full grown tree is not an easy task as uprooting it means taking away a valuable part of the ground it once grew on, leaving a huge void behind which needs to be filled very wisely with fresh just perceptions. Do we have a repertoire of such new live perceptions? Or we just going to fill the holes hastily, without much thought process? Inadequate thought processing is indeed the very thing that caused the generation of such faulty seeds in the first place, will again become manure for the others to come. Are we as civilized beings ready to give out best when asked for? Or we just going to vomit filth that has accumulated inside us with time due to hatred we have been storing for the trees all along? So when time comes to rebuilt, we may not actually rebuilt but only conceal.
It is rather good idea to shift our focus from such faulty seeds and spending our time in creating seeds with right perceptions and thus a mammoth forest that speaks for itself. Such a lively civilization shall force their counterparts to either rebel or reform. If reforms happen than it is an achievement on account of peace and if rebel do occur than we are very well -equipped and trained to defend when needed.